What we do

First and foremost we like to start by talking; about your ideas, your plans, how to improve everything and come up with solutions for all of the challenges that you may expect and especially those you don't.


Then there's the boring tech stuff that we can do like web, mobile and software development, ui/ux design, optimizations, system integrations etc. Let us worry about it and just relax, you’ve already made the most important decision by choosing us. We'll help you develop the perfect solution for your exact needs.
Let’s talk, we're sure we can help.

They trusted us with their ideas. Have a look!

The Team

Elena has 8 years of experience building applications for large corporations in the gaming industry and beyond. She likes crafting tools to help other people do their job faster and she can optimize database queries faster than you can spell SQL. You can rely on her to carefully plan the whole development process and whip everyone into shape to deliver on time.

Andrei has been building software for 15 years and has been an entrepreneur for 12 years, working with clients from all over the world. He likes to imagine all the possible ways that an idea can be improved and simplified and work towards finding solutions that can better benefit your needs and perhaps drive your costs down.

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